InterDam, supplier of fire and blast resistant walls, doors and windows, has successfully conducted single sample tests on its post blast products to ensure they will withstand both an explosion and any subsequent fire outbreak.

Call for holistic fire post blast regulations
Recent studies have revealed that in over 50% of the cases a fire outbreak happens post blast. It is therefore critically important that walls, doors and windows can withstand subsequent fire outbreaks, including jet fires, to protect human life and equipment.

Operators value safety of people and equipment as priority number one and for that reason InterDam advises operators to specify fire post blast in their project specifications. Regulatory bodies tend to follow the lead of the top five operators, allowing the industry to take a further step towards increasing safety and productivity to minimize the effected zone and sequential damage during fire post blast events.

“Currently there are no international regulations covering a fire outbreak in a post blast situation so manufacturers tend to supply products that can either withstand a blast or are resistant to fire but not both consecutively,” said Berend Groeneveld, CEO of InterDam.

“We are the first wall, door and window company to test all products to withstand not only the impact of a blast but also any resultant fire as it is important that people are kept safe and have time to evacuate and implement appropriate fire procedures like switching off vulnerable equipment.”

InterDam’s G21 Fire and Blast panels are more cost effective than traditional welded walls, they are lighter, designed to be automatically prefabricated and modular. They are good substitute products for operators considering upgrading their current platforms, refineries or substations to a higher standard of safety.

The lighter weight of the G21 panels lead to reduced installation time, for both the wall as well as the entire module. Utilizing this panel for the offshore industry allows for more equipment to be installed on the platform or for cost saving on transport, installation and the supporting structure.

These new fully certified light weight and easy to install products fit the current modularization, standardization and innovation, criteria that customers strive for providing cost reductions on both CAPEX and OPEX.

All InterDam’s products are fully tested and certified by recognised certification authorities, complying with current regulations and exceeding them in many cases especially the very important ability to withstand a fire after a blast.